Lost Arts

Graceful, yet purposeful. Whimsical at times, and yet powerful. Exclusive to each individual as a fingerprint. And more tangible evidence of God's creativity when he made each of us, different one from another.

A Monument to Character

This picture is of the very first McDonalds restaurant ever, located in Des Plaines, IL, just north of what is now O'Hare airport. It's no longer in operation (there's a quasi-modern McDonalds right across the street), but it's maintained as a museum, a monument to what has become one of the great, if not the…

Spiritual Lessons from Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address

In March of 1865, with the Civil War coming to its bitter conclusion, President Abraham Lincoln knew that all Americans would soon be faced with the daunting task of mending a nation torn by brother-against-brother conflict. Lincoln used the opportunity of his Second Inaugural Address show both Northerners and Southerners just how to approach the end of conflict through the prism of God's Word.